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Knapp's Cyclery Sponsors the Mercer County Bicycle Patrol
Knapp's Cyclery is sponsoring the Mercer County Bicycle Patrol with custom patrol jerseys, free tubes & patch kits, and a 25% discount on patrol equipment.
Knapp's Cyclery

We would like to offer our thanks to Knapp's Cyclery on behalf of all patrol members!
Mick Tormey

Mercer County Bicycle Patrol News
The Mercer County Bicycle Patrol is a volunteer patrol to assist, educate, and inform trail users at Mercer County Park. The patrol is registered with NMBP. All patrol members (listed below) are trained in first aid/CPR, and have completed the NMBP training class. The current patrol members are:
Frank Summers
Kevin Perry
Mick Tormey

Guidelines for Patrollers
Here is what you must carry with you on patrol:
NMBP identification (patch on your Camelback & decal on your helmet, for instance)
MCBP identification (MCBP tag and/or MCBP jersey)
first aid kit
tool kit (metric allen wrenches, tire lever, chainbreaker, screwdriver - minimum)
patch kits
pump or CO2 inflator
SMART information cards

extra tubes (presta or schrader valve, patched is okay)
flashlight or Cyalume stick
extra food/snacks/energy bar & water
calling card or cell phone
zip ties

While on patrol:
Be friendly and smile to people you pass on the trail. The patrol is about making a good impression as well as assisting and informing trail users. Memorize the patrol motto - Assist, Educate, Inform. If faced with a trail conflict, do not be confrontational. Be polite and reasonable at all times. Your safety is the highest priority, so if you feel that the situation may become confrontational and unsafe, avoid it.
If you happen upon a Park Ranger, stop and introduce yourself. Let them know that you are on patrol.
If you see someone who may require assistance, stop and ask, and let them know that you are part of a volunteer patrol.
Make sure you keep track of your patrol hours and any incidents using the Patrol Log and Incident Report forms.
If possible, call the ranger office before patrolling, letting them know when and for how long you will be patrolling. Report any incidents to the park rangers at the earliest opportunity.

Other Patrols in New Jersey
The Allamuchy chapter of JORBA has a patrol. Their website features a lot of great information.

Ramapo and Ringwood, check out the Ramapo Trail Riders.

The Jersey Action Riders have the Delaware Valley Mountain Bike Patrol.

Mick Tormey
Updated January 29, 2010