This is the beaver dam bridge on the B trail, fortified in November, 2002.

The "missing bridge" - any bridge installed over this humble stream is stolen within a matter of days. Aliens? Government plot? Deranged locals? You be the judge.

Our last TM Day for 2002 - thanks everybody!

Yours truly, tackling a log at Mercer.

All kids love "LOG"!

This is the infamous beaver dam (a.k.a. garbage bridge) on the trail that runs west from the East Picnic Area. Not much to look at, but serviceable.

January 19th, 2002 - snow at Mercer.

Mercer County Bicycle Patrol member Michele Bull tackling a log at Mercer County Park.

Michele cleaning another log.

Now you see them...

Now you don't!
(SMART finally disposes of the pallets at the East Picnic Area trailhead)

Sweet shot.